Original paper

On the type species of the genus Galactochilus Sandberger, 1875, with a review of the identity of Helix cornumilitare Linnaeus, 1758 and of its misidentifications (Gastropoda: Helicoidea)

Kadolsky, Dietrich


Galactochilus Sandberger, 1875 was proposed for 4 fossil land snail species from the Tertiary of Germany and Italy, but, due to an incorrect assumption about their relationships, an extant species from Hispaniola, Helix gigantea Scopoli, 1786 (also cited as “Helix cornumilitare Chemnitz” and “Helix cornumilitare Linnaeus”), was also included and originally designated as type species. This designation had to date been overlooked. Helix gigantea Scopoli, 1786 is currently placed in the genus Polydontes Montfort, 1810 s. lat. The name Galactochilus is therefore available for one of the many subgenera of Polydontes s. lat., subject to a modern taxonomic analysis. The true identity of Helix cornumilitare Linnaeus, 1758 is resolved by the discovery of the Linnean type specimen, which shows that H. cornumilitare is a species in the genus Pyrochilus Pilsbry, 1893 (family Camaenidae) from the Moluccas, Indonesia. It is designated as the lectotype for H. cornumilitare Linnaeus, 1758 in order to exclude the illustration cited by Linnaeus (1758) for H. cornumilitare, which is another “American camaenid” from Hispaniola, now in the genus Caracolus Montfort, 1810. The original specimen, still present in the Gualtieri collection, is designated as the lectotype of Pomatia carinata Röding, 1798 and of Helix angistoma Férussac, 1821. Thus, the name Helix angistoma Férussac, 1821 becomes a junior objective synonym of Pomatia carinata Röding, 1798. The latter is here given precedence over its subjective synonym Lampadion testaceum Röding, 1798, resulting in the species name now being Caracolus carinatus (Röding, 1798).


taxonomic revisionnomenclatural revisionland snailsHispaniolaMoluccaslectotype designationCaracolusPolydontesPyrochilus