Original paper

Zur Kenntnis der Gattung Atlanta (V)

Richter, Gotthard


In the following paper 5 Atlanta-species are described. Of these only 2, Atlanta peroni and A. gaudichaudi, were recognized as valid species by TESCH (1949) and VAN DER SPOEL (1976).A closer investigation of the morphological characters on shell and radula, especially on the tiny larval shells, reveal that there are in fact 4 different species belonging to the peroni-group, 2 of them new to science (at least never described properly). The peronigroup, discernible by serveral main-characters present in every species of the group, contains (by now) the following species: Atlanta peroni LESUEUR 1817, A. rosea SOULEYET 1852, A. fragilis n. sp. and A. frontieri n. sp.. Atlanta gaudichaudi has to be split off from the peronigroup and added to the group of Atlanta plana and A. echinogyra RICHTER 1972.