Original paper

Revision of the genus Granulifusus Kuroda Habe 1954, with description of some new species (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia: Fasciolariidae)

Hadorn, Roland; Fraussen, Koen


The genus Granulifusus is distributed over the upper continental shelves in the Indo-West Pacific. The 27 species (21 Recent, 6 fossil) are characterized and separated from Fusinus by a granulated surface sculpture, the Recent also by a small round operculum which does not fill the aperture. Fusus (Sipho) libratus Watson 1886 and Latirus staminatus Garrard 1966 are placed in Granulifusus, their transfer based on the above mentioned conchological characteristics and on radular evidence. Granulifusus niponicus (E.A. Smith 1879), G. kiranus Shuto 1958, G. rubrolineatus (Sowerby II 1870), G. staminatus (Garrard 1966) and G. libratus (Watson 1886) were collected during the Musorstom expeditions and the material is extensively reported on. G. bacciballus sp. nov. (North New Caledonia, 444-452 m), G. benjamini sp. nov. (Coral Sea, Chesterfield, 400 m), G. balbus sp. nov. (South New Caledonia, 470 m), G. amoenus sp. nov. (Vanuatu, 480-544 m), G. geometricus sp. nov. (Tonga Islands, 427-436 m), G. monsecourorum sp. nov. (Madagascar, 240 m) and G. babae sp. nov. (Indonesia, Tanimbar Islands, 206-210 m) were also collected by the Musorstom expeditions and are added to this fauna and described as new species. From the collection of the Australian Museum, Sydney (AMS), one additional Recent species (G. lochi sp. nov., Western Australia, 301-310 m) and one fossil species (G. nakasiensis sp. nov., Nakasi Sandstone Beds, Late Pliocene, Fiji) are described. Lots of the remaining 8 species are studied with the exception of G. captivus (E.A. Smith 1899). The remaining 5 fossil species are listed and compared. G. rufinodis (Von Martens 1901) is tentatively regarded as a distinct species and a lectotype is selected.


fasciolariidaegranulifususmusorstomindo-pacificnew species