Original paper

The Spondylidae in the historical collections of the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Geneva, with revision of the species described by Lamarck and by Chenu, and notes on nomenclature: (Bivalvia: Pectinoidea: Spondylidae)

Finet, Yves; Lamprell, Kevin L.


The Museum d'Histoire naturelle, Geneva, holds most of the historical Spondylus collections of Lamarck, Delessert and Chenu. These collections have recently been curated by first author (YF). Resulting from this work, 32 species have been isolated, photographed and records made of the status of the species; the location of the original illustrations (if any), as well as comments by early curators at the MHNG, are included. 14 species described by Chenu are listed from the Delessert collection. 16 species described by Lamarck are catalogued from both the Lamarck and Delessert collections. Additionally, 2 linnean species, Spondylus gaederopus and Spondylus regius, are also listed, with comments on the material contained in the Lamarck/Delessert collection.Comparison of the type of Spondylus ambiguus Chenu 1844 with that of Spondylus ictericus Reeve 1856, indicates that the latter is a junior synonym of the former and therefore Spondylus ambiguus is a prior name for that species.


spondylusspondylidaelamarckchenutype materialnomenclaturemuseum de geneve