Original paper

Revalidation of Omalonyx convexus (Heynemann 1868) and emendation of the type locality of Omalonyx unguis (Orbigny 1837): (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Succineidae)

Arruda, Janine; Oliveira Thomé, José Willibaldo


Omalonyx convexus (Heynemann 1868) has been cited for Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay as a synonym of O. unguis (Orbigny 1837). Omalonyx specimens from Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay were studied. It is concluded that O. unguis and O. convexus are different species. The lots from Jujuy, Tucumán, Santa Fé, Entre Ríos, Chapadmalal, Ezeiza and a few from Rio Santiago (Argentina), Rio Grande do Sul state (Brazil) and Canelones (Uruguay) were considered O. convexus. The lots from Asunción (Paraguay), Formosa, Chaco, Barca Grande, Partido de Tigre and a few from Rio Santiago (Argentina), as well as Colonia (Uruguay), are O. unguis. The type locality of O. unguis, type species of Omalonyx, is emended to Paraguay.


taxonomymorphologydistributionomalonyx convexusomalonyx unguistype locality