Original paper

New Charopidae from Chilean Argentine Patagonia: (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Stylommatophora)

Miquel, Sergio E.; Barker, Gary M.


Three new species of Punctoidea from Chilean - Argentine Patagonia are described in the family Charopidae: Lilloiconcha aysensis n. sp., Radiodiscus villarricensis n. sp. and Stephadiscus stuardoi n. sp. The new species of Lilloiconcha and Stephadiscus are known only from type localities in Chile, at Aysen and Concepción, respectively. In addition to this being the first record of Lilloiconcha in Chile; Stephadiscus celinae (Hylton Scott 1969) and S. testalbus (Hylton Scott 1970) previously known from Argentina are now recorded from southern Chile. The new species of Radiodiscus was collected from several localities ranging from Concepción in Chile to National Park Nahuel Huapí in Argentina, and thus extends eastward the range of Radiodiscus previously known from southern United States of America to Tierra del Fuego.


punctoideasouth americalilloiconcharadiodiscusstephadiscus