Original paper

Five landsnails of the family Spiraxidae from southeastern Mexico: (Pulmonata: Spiraxidae)

Thompson, Fred G.


Five landsnails are recorded from southern Veracruz and Oaxaca. Each is narrowly distributed on calcareous rock formations in topical seasonal wet forests. Streptostylella botteriana (Crosse & Fischer 1869) is redescribed, and Streptostyla n. nicoleti (Shuttleworth 1852) is reported for the first time from Oaxaca State. Three new species are proposed: Varicoturris hadra n. sp., Varicoturris elegans n. sp. and Streptostyla (Eustreptostyla) rupecula n. sp.


spiraxidaeeuglandininaestreptostylella botterianavaricoturris hadra n. spvaricoturris elegans n. spstreptostyla (eustreptostyla) rupecula n. spstreptostyla (eustreptostyla) n. nicoletimexicoveracruzoaxaca