Original paper

Anatomical description of Solen cf. exiguus Dunker from Thailand: (Bivalvia: Solenidae)

Simone, Luiz; Ricardo L.,


An anatomical description of the solenid Solen cf. exiguus Dunker 1862, collected in the Gulf of Thailand, is provided. The anatomical features include high antero-posterior elongation; mantle lobes widely fused with each other; powerful pallial muscles; fused siphons with capacity of autotomy; wide and partially hollow foot; complete separation between gastric style sac and adjacent portion of intestine; all possible common characters of the family. Some so far exclusive attributes include short anterior pallial tentacles; pair of muscular valves at base of siphons; and arrangement of tentacles at siphonal tip. A short discussion on the taxonomy of the Solen exiguus/leanus complex is also included.