Original paper

Taxonomic notes on Euro-Siberian snails, 4. Re-examination of Limnaea psilia Bourguignat 1862, with the description of Radix parapsilia n.Sp.: (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Lymnaeidae)

Vinarski, Maxim V.; Glöer, Peter


The identity of the freshwater pulmonate species Limnaea psilia Bourguignat 1862 is discussed on the basis of examination of its type series along with museum materials from the largest malacological collections of Russia. Malacologists of the former USSR still consider L. psilia as a distinct species within Lymnaeidae following the opinion of Kruglov & Starobogatov (1989). It has been shown, however, that Bourguignat described juvenile shells of the common ear pond snail, Radix auricularia (Linnaeus 1758), under the name Limnaea psilia. As there are sound differences between Radix auricularia and Lymnaea (Radix) psilia sensu Kruglov & Starobogatov 1989), we describe here a new species, Radix parapsilia n. sp. Limnaea psilia Bourguignat is shown to be a junior synonym of Helix auricularia Linnaeus 1758. The distribution range of Radix parapsilia (= Lymnaea psilia sensu Kruglov & Starobogatov 1989) is outlined.


lynmaeidaeradixpalaearctictaxonomynew species