Original paper

Pulmonate land mollusks from three rainforest transects in northeastern Madagascar: part 1 of 2, with descriptions of 12 new species and one new subspecies: (Gastropoda: Pulmonata)

Emberton, Kenneth C.; Griffiths, Owen L.


This first of two pulmonate papers resulting from altitudinal transects in the region of Antalaha, northeastern Madagascar, covers 32 species and one subspecies: a veronicellid sp. or spp.; the orculid Fauxulus josephinae n. sp.; the succineid Succinea masoala n. sp.; the subulinids (among which, generic placements are provisional) Allopeas sp. 1, Allopeas sp. 2, Curvella poutiersi Fischer-Piette, Blanc, Blanc & Salvat 1994, Pseudopeas cf. valentini Fischer-Piette, Blanc, Blanc & Salvat 1994, Subulina mamillata (Craven 1880), and Subulina octona (Brugurère 1792); the achatinids Achatina fulica Bowdich 1822 and Achatina immaculata Lamarck 1822; the streptaxids Fischerpietteus josephinae n. sp., Gulella beandreana Emberton 2001, Gulella kendrae n. sp., Gulella lincolni n. sp., Gulella soulaiana Fischer-Piette 1973, Gulella sp. 1, Gulella sp. 2, Gulella sp. 3, Parvedentulina bitika n. sp., Parvedentulina kendrae n. sp., Parvedentulina lincolni n. sp., Parvedentulina michellae n. sp., Parvedentulina miova n. sp., Parvedentulina soa n. sp., Parvedentulina sp. 1, and Parvedentulina sp. 2; and the acavids Ampelita (Ampelita) lamarei (Pfeiffer 1853), Ampelita (Eurystyla) ambatoensis n. sp., Ampelita (E.) julii Fischer-Piette & Garreau 1965, Ampelita (E.) julii soa n. subsp., Clavator moreleti (Desrayes in Férussac 1851), and Helicophanta amphibulima (Férussac 1839).The extreme rarity of many of these species, despite intense collecting, reinforces the "high diversity, low density" rule for tropical rainforest land mollusks, and supports the previous conclusion that "no rainforest collection ever made for land mollusks in Madagascar can be considered saturated".


molluscagastropodaveronicellidaestylommatophoraorculidaesuccineidaesubulinidaestreptaxidaeacavidaebiodiversitytropical zone