Original paper

Pulmonate land mollusks from three rainforest transects in northeastern Madagascar: part 2 of 2, with descriptions of 21 new species: (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Stylommatophora)

Emberton, Kenneth C.; Griffiths, Owen L.


This second of two pulmonate papers resulting from altitudinal transects in the region of Antalaha, northeastern Madagascar, covers 28 stylommatophoran species: the charopids Reticulapex stanisici n. sp. and Trachycystis masina n. sp.; the helicarionids (sensu lato) Kalidos ambatoensis n. sp., K. capestensis n. sp., K. josephinae n. sp., K. lamenni Frscher-Pietie, Blanc, Blanc & Salvat 1994, K. oleatus (Ancey 1902), K. tsarabe n. sp., Kaliella barrakporensis (Pfeiffer 1852), Malagarion cf. paenelimax Tillier 1979, Microcystis ambinanifae Emberton 1994, M. celestinae n. sp., M. josephinae n. sp., M. kendrae n. sp., M. michellae n. sp., M. soa n. sp., M. tsara n. sp., M. n. sp. 1, Sitala celestinae n. sp., S. hirsuta n. sp., S. kendrae n. sp., S. lincolni n. sp., S. michellae n. sp, and S. minuta n. sp.; the urocyclids Chlamydarion celestinae n. sp., C. michellae n. sp., and C. n. sp. 1; and the vitrinid Vitrina josephinae n. sp.Discoveries include (a) range extensions for the genera Reticulapex (800 km) and Trachycystis (250 km), (b) both the largest and the smallest known Madagascan Sitala species, and (c) one of the largest known species of eastern-rainforest Kalidos.Madagascar's charopid, helicarionid, urocyclid, and vitrinid land snails are in major need of revision incorporating anatomical and biochemical data. Pending such a revision, this paper follows the familial and generic assignations found in the Faune de Madagascar monograph.


molluscagastropodastylommatophoracharopidaehelicarionidaeurocyclidaevitrinidaebiodiversitytropical zone