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Heft 1-2

Archiv für Molluskenkunde

2002. 216 pages, 21x30cm, 900 g
Language: English

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Original paper

Revision der Ariantinae.2.Die Helicigona-Untergattung (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Helicidae) Liburnica

Subai, Peter

p. 1-65, published: Dec 13, 2002
6 plates

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Original paper

Parvedentulina and edentate Gulella of Madagascar (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora: Streptaxidae)

Emberton, Kenneth C.

p. 67-165, published: Dec 13, 2002
20 plates

ArtNo. ESP190813100002 Price: 27.90 €

Original paper

Critical analysis of subgeneric taxa of the Subfamily Caecinae (Caenogastropoda: Caecidae)

Absalao, Ricardo Silva; Pizzini, Mauro

p. 167-183, published: Dec 13, 2002
6 plates

ArtNo. ESP190813100003 Price: 27.90 €

Original paper

Consideraciones taxonómicos y zoogeografías del genero Callochiton GRAY 1847 en la península ibérica. (Polyplacophora: Ischnochitonidae)

Carmonazal, Vide; García, F.J.; Urgorri, V.

p. 185-199, published: Dec 13, 2002
4 plates

ArtNo. ESP190813100004 Price: 27.90 €

Original paper

Contribution to the knowledge of the clausiliid snails of the Shar Mountains (Republic of Macedonia) with description of new taxa (Pulmonata: Clausiliidae)

Dedov, Ivailo; Neubert, Eike

p. 201-209, published: Dec 13, 2002
1 plates

ArtNo. ESP190813100005 Price: 27.90 €

Original paper

Allopeas myrmekophilos n.sp.,the first snail reported as living in army ant colonies (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Subulinidae)

Janssen, Ronald;Witte, Volker

p. 211-215, published: Dec 13, 2002
2 figures

ArtNo. ESP190813100006 Price: 27.90 €

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