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An account on the eastern limits of Afro-Arabian plants in South Asia

Thomas, J.; Alfarhan, A.H; Ali, A.; Miller, A.G.; Othman, L.

Basic and Applied Dryland Research Vol. 2 No. 1 (2008), p. 12 - 22

25 references

published: Dec 1, 2008

DOI: 10.1127/badr/2/2008/12

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A brief analysis on the distribution range of some of the species dominating in the arid and extra arid regions of North Africa and Arabian Peninsula is presented. These species are belonging to three phytogeographical categories namely: Saharo-Sindian, Sudano-Deccanian and Tropical African-Indian elements. Species included for this study are either disjunct or they have a wider distribution, some of which have even extended their presence deep into the Indian phytogeographical region. A broad floristic analysis has been carried out on individual state/regional floras outside the eastern limit of the Saharo-Sindian phytogeographical zone in India to explore the share of Afro-Arabian floristic elements. Among the two arid regions in India, where majority of Afro-Arabian plants exist, western arid land adjoining Pakistan contains the highest number of Afro-Arabian plants whereas the largest share of the flora of the semi arid land in the peninsular part of India comes from the species of the tropical and other eastern phytogeographical zones, including Indian floristic elements. Various domain names prevailing in the region and the reasons for the gradual increase of Afro-Arabian share in the Indian flora are also discussed briefly.


PhytogeographySaharo-SindianSudano-DeccanianDesert vegetationWest AsiaArabian PeninsulaIndia