Original paper

Nasa panamensis, a new species of Nasa (Loasaceae) from Central America

Weigend, Maximilian


Nasa panamensis, a new species of the genus Nasa (Loasaceae), is described from Panama. This is only the second endemic species of this genus in Central America, the remaining over 100 species are endemic to Andean South America. The new species is from montane rain forest at an elevation of 1200 m. The species apparently belongs to the cloud-forest group Nasa ser. Alatae and is probably closely allied to Nasa lehmanniana (Urb. & Gilg) Weigend from NW Colombia. It clearly differs from the latter species by amplexicaul bracts and pseudostipulate leaves (versus petiolate bracts and estipulate leaves) and floral scales without apical wings but with well-developed dorsal threads (versus floral scales with distinct apical wings and short dorsal threads).