Original paper

Chloroplast DNA relationship in palaeoaustral Polytrichadelphus magellanicus (Hedw.) Mitt. (Polytrichaceae, Bryopsida) - Studies in austral temperate rain forest bryophytes 12

Stech, Michael; Pfeiffer, Tanja; Frey, Wolfgang


Non-coding sequences of the cpDNA trnT-F region (trnTUGU - trnLUAA 5' exon intergenic spacer, trnLUAA intron, trnLUAA 3' exon - trnFGAA intergenic spacer) of Polytrichadelphus magellanicus s.l. specimens from Chile (P. magellanicus s.str.) and New Zealand (P. innovans) are very similar and show only few substitutions and indels. Higher sequence differentiation is observed between these specimens and three Andean Polytrichadelphus species, P. aristatus, P. longisetus and P. umbrosus. In a maximum parsimony tree, all P. magellanicus s.l. specimens form one clade with high bootstrap support separated from a clade of the Andean Polytrichadelphus species. Based on the amount of molecular and morphological differentiation, P. magellanicus s.str. and P. innovans should be treated as subspecies of a single species P. magellanicus, which in this circumscription shows a classical distribution pattern most probably resulting from the break-up of the palaeoaustral floristic region (Nothofagus province), the southern part of the former Gondwana supercontinent, with a slight evolution of two taxa in separated regions.


polytrichadelphus magellanicuspalaeoaustral speciescpdna sequence divergencep. magellanicus subsp. innovans comb. et stat. nov