Original paper

Notes on Asiatic Fragaria species: III. Fragaria orientalis Losinsk. and Fragaria mandshurica spec. nov.

Staudt, Günter


In 1926, a number of specimens from East Asia were incorporated by LOSINA-LOSINSKAÂ [LOSINA-LOSINSKAJA] into Fragaria orientalis. Studies on 25 accessions of living material and herbarium specimens representing the whole area have led us to propose that F. orientalis is composed of two species: the diploid (2n = 2x = 14) F. mandshurica spec. nov. and the tetraploid (2n = 4x = 28) F. orientalis. Morphologically F. orientalis highly resembles F. mandshurica, but it is distinguished by typical characteristics of polyploid plants. In contrast to the hermaphroditic F. mandshurica, F. orientalis is dioecious and trioecious. Most probably F. orientalis is a tetraploid descendent of the diploid F. mandshurica. The latter is distributed in the Russian Far East and extends west to Âkutiâ, Burâtiâ (Lake Bajkal), Mongolia, the northeastern provinces of China formerly called Manchuria, and North Korea. F. orientalis seems to have originated in the Far eastern regions of Russia and has spread to the west along the Amur River Valley and into Heilongjiang, China.


fragariastrawberriestaxonomybiogeographyevolutioneast asiachinapolyploidy.