Original paper

Secamone galinae (Apocynaceae), a new species from Madagascar

Klackenberg, Jens


The genus Secamone R.Br. is placed in subfamily Secamonoideae of Apocynaceae. This subfamily is characterized by having four pollinia in each pollinarium, not two as in subfamily Asclepiadoideae, neither a spate-like translator as in Periplocoideae, the two phylogenetically most closely related taxa. Secamone is a palaeotropic genus of suffrutescent twiners or small scrambling herbs, rarely erect shrubs, with usually small white to yellow flowers. In a series of publications, KLACKENBERG (1992, 1997, 1998, 2000a, 2000b, 2000c, 2002) has recognized 65 species in Madagascar. Among herbarium material sent to me recently from Geneva and collected during a continuous inventory work conducted in Madagascar by Swiss botanists in collaboration with Malagasy staff, now one more specimen has proved to represent a new species, Secamone galinae, which is here described and illustrated.