Original paper

Aderungsdichte und Blattgrosze bei vier Arten der Gattung Acer L. aus SW-Deutschland

Uhl, Dieter; Walther, Harald


The assumpation that, at least within the genus Acer L., species originating from more dry environments generally have higher venation densities as compared to species from more mesic environments, could be corroborated for four taxa of this genus from SW-Germany. Our data originated from sun and shade leaves of Acer campestre L., Acer monspessulanum L., Acer pseudoplatanus L. and Acer platanoides L., which have been collected from 16 localities in SW-Germany. However, our data also showed, that the mean leaf size in these species show similar correlations, with a smaller mean leaf size in species which may tolerate more dry growth conditions. It seems that within the genus Acer, but not within the individual species of this genus, venation density and leaf size may be connected and this has to be taken into account in future research on venation density in relation to environmental and climatic parameters, which are of special importance for palaeobotanical and palaeoclimatological investigations on Tertiary plants.


acer lvenation densityleaf sizeclimateecologysw-germany.