Original paper

Taxonomy and biogeography of Chinese hard pine, Pinus hwangshanensis W.Y.Hsia

Businský, Roman


Pinus hwangshanensis W.Y.Hsia from SE China is recognized on the basis of a field and herbarium study as an independent species separate from the very similar P. taiwanensis Hayata from Taiwan. Pinus hwangshanensis also resembles P. tabuliformis Carrière subsp. henryi (Mast.) Businský, with which it was confused. Pinus taiwanensis var. damingshanensis W.C.Cheng & L.K.Fu is interpreted as P. hwangshanensis, but as one from an outlying population of the species influenced by interspecific hybridization (probably with P. massoniana), and thus the taxon is considered redundant. Populations of Pinus hwangshanensis from the Dabie Shan Mts. north of the Yangtze River are distinguished as a new subspecies, P. hwangshanensis subsp. transfluminea ; information about its biogeography are given. A new interspecific hybrid of Pinus hwangshanensis and P. massoniana is described from the same region under the name P. × cerambycifera Businský.


pinaceaepinus hwangshanensistaxonomybiogeographychina.