Original paper

An annotated translation of Karl Schumann's (1888) "Über einige verkannte oder wenig gekannte Geschlechter der Rubiaceen Sudamerikas'' [About some misunderstood or little known taxa of South American Rubiaceae"] with notes on the Rubiaceae type specimens

Delprete, Piero G.; Schuster, Tanja M.; Hiepko, Paul


Karl Schumann (1851–1904) was an outstanding botanist, who dedicated his numerous publications to floral development, morphology, systematics and floristics of many families of flowering plants. Among these works, he made significant contributions to the floristics and systematics of Rubiaceae. In 1888, he published a long article discussing the generic definition, taxonomic history and systematics of several genera of South American Rubiaceae, which remained little-known to the botanical community. This article contains important information about his views on the definition of many rubiaceous taxa, and the contemporary diatribe among Hooker, Baillon, Planchon and Karsten concerning their definitions of Rubiaceae genera. In addition, this article contains the original description of many species of the genus Sickingia (later synonimized with Simira). The article is here translated from German to English and amply annotated, with the intent to reach a wider audience and to indicate the exact references and publication dates cited either within the text or as footnotes. A section related to the specimens of the taxa mentioned or newly described by Schumann in this article, and preserved at the Berlin Herbarium (B and B-W), is also included.


karl schumann 1851-1904rubiaceaesouth americaneotropicssystematicsclassificationtaxonomyfloristicsberlin herbariumhistory