Original paper

Notes on Asiatic Fragaria species: IV. Fragaria iinumae

Staudt, Günter


Fragaria iinumae is distributed in the western parts of central and northern Honshū and Hokkaidō, Japan and spreads north to southern and central Sahalin, Russia. The chromosome number 2n = 2x = 14 was verified for five accessions. According to morphological characters F. iinumae is unique among the diploid species of the genus. Herbarium specimens can easily be identified by the number of petals, i.e. always more than five (6–9). From leaf surface, texture, and colour F. iinumae shows relationships to the octoploid species, especially to Fragaria virginiana subsp. glauca. It may therefore be proposed as one of the progenitors of the octoploid strawberries. Most curiously, F. iinumae differs from other species of the genus by its spinuliferous pollen grains.


fragariastrawberriestaxonomybiogeographyphylogenyjapansahalinpollen morphology