Original paper

Himalayan species of Fragaria (Rosaceae)

Staudt, Günter


A key to the Himalayan species of Fragaria is given and the taxonomy, chromosome number, and geographic distribution of F. daltoniana, F. bucharica and F. nubicola are discussed. Living material of 22 accessions was studied, together with herbarium specimens. All species studied here were found diploid (2n = 14). F. daltoniana is endemic to the Central and Eastern Himalayas from Uttaranchal to Northern Myanmar. F. nubicola occurs from the Western/Central Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh)eastwards to Southwest China. F. bucharica is distributed in the Western Himalayas, Eastern Afghanistan and Tadjikistan. F. nubicola and F. bucharica are, apparently, perfectly vicarious. While the first belongs to the Sino-Japanese floristic element and is assumed to be of a Southeast Asiatic origin, the latter is probably of hybrid origin with putative parent species belonging to the Euro-Siberian floristic element.