Original paper

Pericarp structure and phylogeny of the Phlomis group (Lamiaceae subfam. Lamioideae)

Ryding, Olof


Pericarp structure has been investigated in 52 species belonging to the closely related genera Phlomis s. lat. (incl. Phlomoides), Eremostachys, Lamiophlomis and Notochaete. The new data supports the division of the Phlomis group into two main groups: 1) a group of Phlomis sect. Phlomis; 2) a group of Eremostachys, Notochaete, Lamiophlomis and Phlomis sect. Phlomidopsis. The data also supports Eremostachys (including E. sect. Phlomoides) as a monophyletic subgroup within the second group. Other variations in pericarp structure largely match the infrageneric classifications of Eremostachys and Phlomis sect. Phlomis. In combination with earlier known morphological and molecular data, the new results suggest that the Phlomis group may be divided into the following three genera: Phlomis s. str., Phlomoides (= P. sect. Phlomidopsis, Notochaete and Lamiophlomis) and Eremostachys. The biological significances of some pericarp structures are discussed.