Original paper

Notes on Asiatic Fragaria species V: F. nipponica and F. iturupensis

Staudt, Günter; Olbricht, Klaus


Two northeast Asiatic Fragaria species, F. nipponica and F. iturupensis are studied. F. nipponica subsp. chejuensis from Cheju-do, an island off the coast of Korea, is newly described. The name F. nipponica subsp. yakusimensis is newly formed for a subspecies from Yakushima Island of the southern Japanese Archipelago. For F. nipponica s.l. the chromosome number 2n = 2x = 14 is newly reported for 20 accessions from all over the area, for F. iturupensis 2n = 8x = 56 for 2 accessions from Iturup, Kuril Islands. The latter species is considered phylogenetically young as compared to the diploid F. nipponica. In addition, the general morphology, pollen morphology, and distribution of the two Fragaria species from the Japanese archipelago and the adjacent islands has been studied, and a key is provided.