Original paper

Notes on Potentilla XXI. A new division of the tribe Potentilleae (Rosaceae) and notes on generic delimitations

Soják, Jiří


Based on the differences in the structure of anthers, the Potentilleae are divided into four subtribes. Potentillinae include ca. 538 species in five or six genera, Fragariinae ca. 55-65 species in ten genera, Chamaerhodotinae six species in a single genus and Alchemillinae 960-1100 species in three genera. The generic name Piletophyllum is validated, and new combinations and new names are formed in six genera, i.e., Dasiphora, Drymocallis, Piletophyllum, Potentilla, Sibbaldiopsis, Tylosperma, and two subspecies of Schistophyllidium bifurcum are described as new to science.