Original paper

Afro-alpine Dianthoseris actually a congener of Crepis s.str. (Compositae, Cichorieae, Crepidinae)

Enke, Neela; Kilian, Norbert; Nemomissa, Sileshi; Gemeinholzer, Birgit


The phylogenetic relationship of Dianthoseris is reconstructed with Maximum Parsimony and Bayesian Inference based on both nrDNA ITS and cpDNA matK datasets. The analyses revealed that the East African afro-alpine D. schimperi is deeply nested within Crepis s.str., forming a clade with the more widespread afro-alpine C. newii. This clade is sister-group to a clade of species centred in NW Africa/SE Spain, viz. C. hookeriana, C. albida, C. tingitana and C. oporinoides, and beyond in the Mediterranean and S Europe, viz. C. vesicaria and C. alpestris. An emended, illustrated description of D. schimperi, for the first time considering mature achenes, is given, its delimitation from the afro-alpine Ethiopian local endemic Nannoseris inopinata is re-evaluated, its morphological and karyological affinities within Crepis are discussed and its distribution is mapped. Two new nomenclatural combinations in Crepis, C. dianthoseris for D. schimperi and C. inopinata for N. inopinata, are validated.


dianthoseris schimperinannoseris inopinatacrepis dianthoserisitsmatkmolecular phylogenymorphologytaxonomy