Original paper

New spinelloid phases in the MgGa204-Mg2Ge04 and MgFe204-Mg2Ge04 systems

Barbier, Jacques

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 1 Number 1 (1989), p. 39 - 46

19 references

published: Mar 21, 1989

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/01/1/0039

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Abstract The spinelloid phase Mg3Ga2GeO(III), stable at 1 atm in the MgGa2O4-Mg2GeO4 system, has been found to transform under high P,T conditions (60-65 kbar, 1,200 °C) into other members of the spinelloid family, namely, Mg3Ga2GeO8(V) and Mg3Ga2GeO8(spinel) which have been characterized by powder X-ray diffraction and high-resolution electron microscopy. These results extend the structural analogy existing between the MgGa2O4-Mg2GeO4 and NiAl2O4-Ni2SiO4 systems, the former being a lower-presssure analog of the later. A new room-pressure spinelloid phase, Mg3Fe2GeO8(III), has also been synthesized and characterized by powder X-ray diffraction.


spinelloidsMg3Ga2GeO8Mg3Fe2GeO8high pressure