Original paper

Neutron scattering in Mineral Sciences: Preface

Rinaldi, Romano


The recently renewed activity related to the planning and construction of the next generation of neutron sources in the USA, Japan, and Europe, has prompted the birth of this Special Issue where the main applications of neutron-scattering techniques in Mineral Sciences are reviewed. The collection gathers a series of stand-alone but coordinated articles intended to provide a panoramic view of all fields of interest on the subject with a tutorial approach. This preface provides a general scientific framework intended as an introduction to the subject for the novice and as a guide for the whole Special Issue. An Index of the ten papers collected and an Appendix on the existing European Neutron Facilities are given together with many references for further documentation mostly available from the World Wide Web.


neutron scatteringmineral science techniquesmineral science applicationseuropean neutron facilities