Original paper

Pumpellyite in metapelites of the Schneeberg Complex (Eastern Alps, Austria): a relict of the eo-Alpine prograde P-T path?

Krenn, Kurt; Kaindl, Reinhard; Hoinkes, Georg


This paper describes the first findings of pumpellyite in fine-grained ductile deformed metapelites of the Schneeberg Complex as an indicator for high pressure-low temperature metamorphism. Microscopic observations of oriented samples indicate that pumpellyite is always associated with biotite and texturally arranged within arrays of early schistosities (S-C-textures and fold hinge areas). Post-deformational growth of pumpellyite is not observed. Textural, microprobe and Raman spectroscopic d ata of pumpellyite are compared with subduction related pumpellyite from New Caledonia and Afghanistan and point to a geodynamic setting of mineral growth during convergence and subduction within the Austroalpine continental crust.


schneeberg complexeastern alpspumpellyitemicro-raman-spectroscopyprograde p-t path