Original paper

Se- and Te-bearing sulphides in copper ore deposits of Murgul, NE Turkey

Willgallis, Alexander; Özgür, Nevzat; Siegmann, Eveline

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 2 Number 1 (1990), p. 145 - 148

12 references

published: Mar 8, 1990
manuscript accepted: Nov 2, 1989
manuscript received: Mar 27, 1989

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/2/1/0145

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Abstract Electron microprobe analyses of ore samples from the Murgul copper deposit (NE Turkey) serve to identify several rare and complex ore minerals with occasionally high contents of Bi, Se and Te. These are tennantite, aikinite, hessite, tetradymite, galena, and matildite. The subvolcanic hydrothermal environment of the mineral assemblages corresponds to medium temperature conditions of formation


Se-Te-bearing sulphidesBi-mineralselectron microprobe analysisMurgul copper depositsubvolcanicisland-arc volcanism