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Geothermobarometry based on pyrrhotite composition and fluid inclusion studies: application to the scheelite-bearing deposit of Salau (Pyrénées, France)

Dubessy, Jean; Schellen, Anne-Dominique; Claude, Jean-Marie

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 2 Number 2 (1990), p. 235 - 244

41 references

published: Apr 17, 1990
manuscript accepted: Nov 21, 1989
manuscript received: Aug 25, 1989

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/2/2/0235

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Abstract The equilibrium between sulphur in pyrrhotite and sulphur in a H2S-bearing fluid is used to determine the P-T-fO2-fS2 conditions for the formation of the scheelite-bearing ore of Salau. Microthermometry and Raman microspectrometric analyses provide V-X properties of the fluid inclusions ; the pyrrhotite compositions are determined by X-ray diffraction (Fe0.907S on average). The obtained T-fO2-fS2 values (335 < T(°C) < 365 ; -33 < log fO2 < -29 ; -8.4 < log fS2 < -8.1) are consistent with those determined from the paragenesis hedenbergite + pyrite -I- pyrrhotite + quartz + calcite ± andradite. This agreement shows that pyrrhotite composition was not significantly modified during cooling and that homogeneous molecular C-O-H equilibria still control the redox state of the fluid at 350 °C.


fluid inclusionsmicro-Raman analysispyrrhotite compositionoxygen and sulphur fugacitiesgeo-thermo-barometryW ore deposit