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New data on the Cu2FeSnS4-Cu2ZnSnS4 pseudobinary system at 750° and 550 °C

Bernardini, Gian Piero; Bonazzi, Paola; Corazza, Marcello; Corsini, Fernando; Mazzetti, Giuseppe; Poggi, Luisa; Tanelli, Giuseppe

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 2 Number 2 (1990), p. 219 - 226

20 references

published: Apr 17, 1990
manuscript accepted: Dec 28, 1989
manuscript received: Jul 10, 1989

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/2/2/0219

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Abstract The 750° and 550 °C isotherms of the Cu2FeSnS4-Cu2ZnSnS4 pseudobinary system are investigated by the evacuated silica tube technique using molten halides fluxes. The continuous variation of the a and c parameters as a function of composition points to a complete solid solution between the two end-members, in spite of the different space groups (Cu2FeSnS4: I4̅2m ; Cu2ZnSnS4: I4̅). Although the possible mechanism of substitution between Fe and Zn and/or between (Fe,Zn) and Cu remains unclear, the space group transition is found to occur in the compositional range 60-70 mole % Cu2ZnSnS4.


Cu2FeSnS4Cu2ZnSnS4pseudobinary-systemcell-parameterssolid solution