Original paper

X-ray Rietveld analysis of cation exchanged zeolite-L(LTL)

Sato, Mitsuo; Morikawa, Kenzi; Kurosawa, Satοsi

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 2 Number 6 (1990), p. 851 - 860

8 references

published: Dec 19, 1990
manuscript accepted: Jul 2, 1990
manuscript received: Feb 7, 1990

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/2/6/0851

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Abstract X-ray Rietveld analysis is applied to synthetic zeolite-L which was exchanged with various alkali and alkaline earth cations. Some of the cation sites proposed by Barrer & Villiger (B, D, and E) are easily confirmed, but not the A and C sites. Site F is here found in the centre of the main channel. In the exchangeable site D, sodium, strontium and barium ions are bonded to six wall oxygens and two water molecules, while caesium bonds in six wall oxygens and one water molecule. Twelve water molecules bond to the site F cations. Apart from these water molecules, there are some waters loosely connected with wall oxygens in the main channel. Differential thermal analysis curves show corresponding dehydration peaks.


Rietveld analysiszeolite-Lcation exchanged