Original paper

Large-angle convergent-beam electron diffraction (LACBED) characterization of (021) twinning in natural coesite

Jacob, Damien; Cordier, Patrick; Morniroli, Jean-Paul Schertl


Large-angle convergent-beam electron diffraction (LACBED) is used to characterize a (021) twinning in metamorphic coesite from Parigi, Dora-Maira Massif, Western Alps. The orientation relationships between the adjacent parts of the twin are characterized in detail and the twin is described as a mirror along (021). This microscopic description is fully consistent with original descriptions of twinning in synthetic coesite. Due to the quasi-hexagonal dimensions of coesite (belonging to the monoclinic space group C 12/c1 with a ∼ c and β ∼ 120°) such a result could not have been obtained using conventional electron diffraction experiments.