Original paper

OD (order-disorder) character of the crystal structure of maucherite Ni8As11

Makovicky, Emil; Merlino, Stefano


Maucherite Ni11 As8 has been found to be an OD (order-disorder) structure consisting of unit layers, which display stacking orientation disorder. Maucherite is composed of OD layers of one kind, with layer symmetry P(4)m2 (the bracketed element is perpendicular to the layer), the simplest, uniform stacking of which can result either in a tetragonal MDO1 structure with space-group type P 41 21 2 or in a monoclinic MDO2 structure with space-group type C2/c. Beside these, polytypes with more complicated or disordered stacking sequences may form.


maucherite polytypesod structurenickel arsenide