Original paper

Relationship between IR spectra and crystal structures of β-tridymite-like CsM2+PO4 compounds

Borovikova, Elena Yu; Kurazhkovskaya, Victoria; Ksenofontov, Dmitriy; Kabalov, Yuriy; Pet'kov, Vladimir; Asabina, Elena


Caesium-bearing phosphates with the b -tridymite structure are considered as storage container for radioactive Cs. In this context, double phosphates of caesium and divalent cations, CsM2+PO4 where M2+ = Zn, Co, Mn, Mg, and Ni, have been synthesised by the precipitation method as powders and investigated by infrared spectroscopy in combination with factor-group analyses for band assignment. Comparison of the IR pattern of CsZnPO4 and CsCoPO4 confirms that they are isomorphic (space group P1 2


β-tridymite-like phosphatesir spectrahydrolytic instabilitystuffed tridymite structurephase transitions