Original paper

Laser-induced time-resolved luminescence of natural margarosanite Pb(Ca, Mn)2Si3O9, swedenborgite NaBe4SbO7 and walstromite BaCa2Si3O9

Gaft, Michael; Yeates, H.; Nagli, Lev


Visual luminescence of natural margarosanite, swedenborgite and walstromite is well known for mineralogists, but their spectral characteristics and interpretation were still missing. We studied those minerals by laser-induced time-resolved luminescence technique, described the corresponding spectral and kinetic parameters and interpreted the luminescence centers as follows: margarosanite - Mn2+, Mn2+ clusters, Pb2+ and Ce3+; swedenborgite - Sb3+; walstromite - Mn2+, Eu2+ and trivalent rare-earth elements.


luminescencetime-resolved techniqueraman spectroscopymargarosaniteswedenborgitewalstromiterare-earth elements