Original paper

Mosaic marble tesserae from the underwater archaeological site of Baia (Naples, Italy): determination of the provenance

Ricca, Michela; La Russa, Mauro Francesco; Ruffolo, Silvestro Antonio; Davidde, Barbara; Barca, Donatella; Crisci, Gino Mirocle


This paper is focused on defining the geographic provenance of eight marble tesserae of archaeological interest used for the opus sectile floor slabs of the Villa con ingresso a protiro, located in the Roman underwater Archaeological Park of Baia (Naples, Italy). Geochemical, isotopic and petrographic data show that Carrara, Thasian and Docimium/Afyon marbles were used in manufacturing the mosaic constituting the floor slabs of the Roman Villa.


archaeologyarchaeometrybaia - naplesc and o isotopesgeochemistrymosaic marble tesseraeroman villasr-isotopes