Original paper

Iron meteorites and their weathering products: high velocity resolution Mössbauer spectroscopy of the iron-bearing minerals

Goryunov, Mikhail V.; Yakovlev, Grigoriy A.; Chukin, Andrei V.; Grokhovsky, Victor I.; Semionkin, Vladimir A.; Oshtrakh, Michael I.

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 28 Number 3 (2016), p. 601 - 610

published: Jun 1, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/2016/0028-2545

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The iron meteorites Anyujskij IIAB, Sikhote-Alin IIAB, Sterlitamak IIIAB, Aliskerovo IIIE-an and Dronino iron-ung and products of Dronino meteorite weathering in clay sand were studied using Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolution. Components revealed in the complex Mössbauer spectra were related to corresponding iron-bearing minerals. A difference in the oxidation products of two Dronino fragments was observed. The presence of siderite was found in the external surface oxidation layer in the second fragment, which may be a result of goethite bioreduction in clay sand.


maghemite and goethiteα-fe(ni, co)magnetiteγ-fe(ni, co) phasesα2-fe(ni, co)iron meteoritesmössbauer spectroscopysideriteweathering