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Polarized IR and Raman spectra of zoisite: insights into OH-dipole orientation and the luminescence

Weis, Franz A.; Lazor, Peter; Skogby, Henrik; Stalder, Roland; Eriksson, Lars

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 28 Number 3 (2016), p. 537 - 543

published: Jun 1, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/2016/0028-2528

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The OH-dipole in the mineral zoisite has been a topic of discussion regarding its general orientation and vibrational modes. We present new polarized single-crystal Raman and infrared spectra and verify the orientation of the OH-dipole along the crystallographic c axis with a slight deviation towards the crystallographic a axis. Polarized Raman and FTIR spectra confirm that the OH-band at 3150 cm-1 corresponds to the O(10)-H. . . O(4) hydrogen bridge and exclude a previously suggested second hydrogen bridge O(10)-H. . . O(2). Further, Raman spectra provide insights on the luminescence of zoisite and the interference of luminescence peaks in the OH-region.


ftiroh-dipoleraman spectroscopykey-words: zoisiteluminescence