Original paper

New data on balangeroite and carlosturanite from alpine serpentinites

Belluso, Elena; Ferraris, Giovanni

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 3 Number 3 (1991), p. 559 - 566

21 references

published: Jun 14, 1991
manuscript accepted: Jan 21, 1991
manuscript received: Aug 18, 1990

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/3/3/0559

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Abstract Systematic sampling of the serpentinites occurring in the Italian Western Alps has led to the discovery of several new localities where the fibrous silicates balangeroite (two sites) and carlosturanite (twentyone sites) are abundantly present. While balangeroite is confined to the Lanzo Massif, carlosturanite is present in all fractured serpentinites of the explored area ; it is absent in the foliated serpentinites. Correlations between the analysed cations show that minor elements represent structural substitutions, except for traces of Na and K which are due to impurities. Intergrowths of fibrous phases (in particular carlosturanite) with chrysotile, diopside, antigorite and olivine, are shown to be oriented associations. The refinement of a neutrondiffraction powder pattern of balangeroite allows the derivation of precise parameters for a monoclinic cell [a = 19.163(2), b = 19.224(2), c = 9.599(3) Å, y = 89.50(1)°]


balangeroitecarlosturaniteserpentinitesoriented associationsneutron diffraction