Original paper

Structural and microthermometric studies of fluid inclusions in the Gallura intrusive complex (N Sardinia)

Giorgetti, Giovanna; Frezzotti, Maria Luce; Ghezzo, Claudio

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 4 Number 5 (1992), p. 1175 - 1186

40 references

published: Oct 14, 1992
manuscript accepted: Mar 2, 1992

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/4/5/1175

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Abstract A study of brittle deformation within a segment of the Hercynian intrusive complex of Gallura (comprising porphyritic biotite monzogranitic and granodioritic intrusions) reveals a quite regular network of fluid inclusion planes (interpreted as healed paleocracks) and open microcracks. Fluid inclusion planes and microcracks in 9 oriented samples show a consistent orientation across different intrusions; two principal, almost orthogonal sets have been recognized: N20-60oE-trending and N100-120°E-trending directions; both mainly consist of subvertical planes. A subhorizontal set is nearly always present as healed microcracks; it occurs as open cracks only in one sample. Microthermometric investigations on fluid inclusions show that Na dominated aqueous fluids (salinity from 0.9 to 12.3 wt.% NaCl eq.; ThL = 111-257 °C) circulated throughout the intrusive complex, along almost all the microfracture sets during the late-stage hydrothermal history. Locally, subordinate Li- or Ca-, K- and Na-bearing brines have been detected along N100oE- and N160°E-trending paleocracks. Li-bearing brines have salinities ranging from 11 to 17 wt.% LiCl eq. and ThL from 74 to 171 °C; salinity in Ca-dominated brines varies from 4.9 to 21.8 wt.% NaCl eq. and ThL from 130 to 217 °C. The principal set directions (N20-60°E and N100-120°E) are often shared by fluid inclusion planes and open microcracks: it is suggested that they belonged to the same brittle deformation episode, related to late Hercynian batholith cooling and uplift.


Hercynian granitoidsmicrofracturingfluid inclusion planesSardinia.