Original paper

Crystal chemistry of the (Na,K)GaSiCO4 system

Barbier, Jacques; Liu, Bo; Weber, Jörg

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 5 Number 2 (1993), p. 297 - 306

18 references

published: Apr 27, 1993
manuscript accepted: Nov 24, 1992
manuscript received: Jul 31, 1992

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/5/2/0297

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Abstract The formation of phases at high temperature in the (Na1-xKx)GaSiO4 system has been investigated by powder X-ray diffraction. Solid solutions of the beryllonite and KAlGeO4 types form for Na-rich and K-rich compositions, respectively. A new phase with a hexagonal (⎷3 A,C) kalsilite superstructure forms at intermediate compositions and its composition range extends to the Na end-member with increasing temperature. These results are compared with the phase relations previously determined for the (Na,K)AlGeO4 system. The structure of the kalsilite-type phase Na0.7K0.3GaSiO4 has been refined from powder X-ray data and is discussed in terms of Na/K ordering and distortion of the tetrahedral framework


(Na,K)GaSiO4phase relationskalsilite superstructureRietveld refinementsilica derivatives