Original paper

The crystal structure of kamphaugite-(Y)

Rømming, Christian; Kocharian, Armen K.; Raade, Gunnar

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 5 Number 4 (1993), p. 685 - 690

11 references

published: Jul 22, 1993
manuscript accepted: Feb 25, 1993
manuscript received: Jan 29, 1990

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/5/4/0685

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Abstract The crystal structure of kamphaugite-(Y) from Hortekollen, Norway, CaY(CO3)2(OH)H2O, P41212, α = 7.434(l), c = 2l.793(3)Å, Z=8, has been refined isotropically to i? = 0.067 for 2566 observed reflections. The structure is built of corrugated sheets parallel to (001), consisting of CO32- groups and polyhedra of Y in 9-coordination and Ca in 8-coordination. The hydrogen bonding scheme is predicted from bond-valence calculations. A higher water content, corresponding to Ca2Y2(CO3)4(OH)2-3H2O, was obtained from chemical analysis, but is not confirmed by the structure investigation. Channels present between the corrugated sheets are not large enough to accomodate an extra water molecule in a special position


kamphaugite-(Y)crystal structurehydrogen bondingcarbonate