Original paper

Oriented decomposition and reconstruction of hydrogarnet, Ca3Al2·(OH)12

Schröpfer, Lothar; Bartl, Hans

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 5 Number 6 (1993), p. 1133 - 1144

12 references

published: Dec 1, 1993
manuscript accepted: Jul 2, 1993
manuscript received: Aug 7, 1992

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/5/6/1133

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Abstract Dehydration and rehydration experiments were carried out using synthetic single crystals of tricalcium- aluminate-hexahydrate and dodecacalcium-heptaaluminate; the structure and orientation of the run products were investigated by X-ray diffraction and thermoanalytical methods (TG, DTG and DSC). A new Al-rich intermediate hydrogarnetoid phase with Al in both six-fold and four-fold coordination was discovered and then prepared by topotactic hydroxylation of the Ca-aluminate 12CaO-7Al2O3·5H2O, space group no. 230, Ia3d, a0 = 12.374(6)Å, Z = 2.


hydrogarnetcalcium-aluminatescalcium-aluminate-hydratesdehydrationoriented decomposition