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Short-range mobilization of elements in the biotite zone of contact aureole of the Kharlovo gabbro intrusion (Russia)

Likhanov, Igor I.; Reverdatto, Vladimir V.; Memmi, Isabella

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 6 Number 1 (1994), p. 133 - 144

40 references

published: Feb 4, 1994
manuscript accepted: Sep 21, 1993
manuscript received: May 24, 1993

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/6/1/0133

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Abstract Biotite formation occurred at 400-430° in the contact aureole of the Kharlovo gabbro massif, according to the reaction : 1.4Ms1 + 0.049Chl + 0.019TiMag + 0.04211m = 0.27Bt + 1.1Ms2 + 0.7Qtz + 0.72H2O whereas epidote breakdown occurred at 450° according to the reaction: 27.59Pl1 + 0.558Ms + 0.179Chl + 0.222Ep + 0.099Ilm = 28.37Pl2 + 0.532Bt + 0.035TiMag + Qtz + 0.96H2O Mass balance and compositional variation in the outer part of the contact aureole shows that mass transfer of the main petrogenetic components was confined to small domains of a few hundredths of mm3 in chlorite-biotite-mica and epidote-plagioclase-titanomagnetite aggregates. The chemical homogeneity of the environment was practically unaffected by the thermal metamorphism


biotiteepidotelow-grade contact metamorphismmineral reactionsmass balanceAltayRussia