Original paper

Au-Pd sample containers for melting experiments on iron and water bearing systems

Kawamoto, Tatsuhiko; Hirose, Kei

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 6 Number 3 (1994), p. 381 - 386

22 references

published: Jun 7, 1994
manuscript accepted: Feb 17, 1994
manuscript received: May 17, 1993

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/6/3/0381

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Abstract High-pressure melting experiments using Au-Pd sample containers have been conducted on iron-bearing natural rocks with or without water. Under wet conditions, iron-loss to Au75-Pd25 containers is less than 4 percent (average 2.9 percent) after 24 hours at 1225-1400°C and at 0.5-1.5 GPa. The oxygen fugacity is buffered by the furnace and calculated to be 1.3 log units above the Ni/NiO buffer. Under dry conditions, iron-loss to Au75-Pd25 is 15 percent after 24 hours at 1400°C and 1.5 GPa. Under both wet and dry conditions, iron-loss to Au%-Pdio capsule is half of that to Au75-Pd25 at 1225°C and at 1 GPa. Melting experiments using Au75-Pd25 wire-loop have also been conducted at 1 atmosphere pressure. Iron-loss to the Au75-Pd25 wire is 3 and 5 percent after 48 hours at 1300°C under oxygen fugacities of 10-7 and 10-8 bar (0.3 and 1.3 below Ni/NiO buffer), respectively. Au75-Pd25 and Au75-Pd25 are suitable materials to conduct melting experiments on iron- and water-bearing systems at 1230°C -1400°C and below 1230°C, respectively.


high pressuremeltingexperimentsironoxygen fugacity