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Sapphirine and högbomite in overprinted kyanite-eclogites of central Rhodope, N. Greece: first evidence of granulite-facies metamorphism

Liati, Anthi; Seidel, Eberhard

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 6 Number 5 (1994), p. 733 - 738

15 references

published: Sep 28, 1994
manuscript accepted: Jun 2, 1994
manuscript received: Feb 24, 1994

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/6/5/0733

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Abstract Sapphirine and hogbomite were found within overprinted kyanite-eclogites of central Rhodope. Sapphirine is characterized as peraluminous and occurs in association with rutile (+ ilmenite) + plagioclase. Högbomite coexists either with kyanite + rutile (+ ilmenite) + plagioclase or with rutile + Fe-Mg-spinel. Sapphirine and, in part, högbomite were probably formed by reaction between kyanite, omphacite and corundum, during the overprint. Some högbomite also grew by reaction between rutile and Fe-Mg-spinel. Formation of the sapphirine is considered to have taken place above 700°C at high pressures (ca. 10-15 kbar), implying that the eclogites entered the granulite-facies field. The rocks studied record the highest overprinting temperatures in the Rhodope


sapphirinehögbomiteRhodope Zonegranulite-facies metamorphismkyanite-eclogites