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Petrogenesis of ultrahigh-pressure rocks and their country rocks at Shuanghe in Dabieshan, Central China

Bοlin, Cong; Mingguo, Zhai; Carswell, Dennis A. Cars; Wilson, Robert N.; Qingchen, Wang; Zhοngyan, Zhao; Windley, Brian F.

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 7 Number 1 (1995), p. 119 - 138

33 references

published: Feb 8, 1995
manuscript accepted: Oct 13, 1994
manuscript received: May 24, 1994

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/7/1/0119

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Abstract UHP metamorphic rocks at Shuanghe occur as a thrust slab within the country-rock granitic gneisses. They consist of eclogites, jadeite quartzite, eclogite nodule-bearing marble, and structurally concordant "in situ" schists and gneisses - sometimes with relict garnets and phengites. Coesite inclusions have been found in garnets and other UHPM phases within the eclogites. Detailed petrological and mineralogical studies indicate a complex polymetamorphic history for the UHPM slab. A possible P-T path for the UHPM slab involving the subduction of sedimentary and volcanic protoliths and their ensuing exhumation can be outlined as follows: surface protoliths - amphibolite fades (phengite and barroisitic amphibole inclusions in garnet) - peak UHP metamorphism (coesiteeclogite subfacies) - quartz-eclogite subfacies - symplectite of amphibolite facies (garnet replaced by amphiboleplagioclase coronas, clinopyroxene by amphibole-sodic plagioclase symplectite) - post-symplectite of greenschist facies (biotite, epidote and chlorite in the matrix of strongly retrograded eclogites). The path is clockwise, with substantial post-peak near-isothermal decompression, as with those defined for other UHPM terranes. No demonstrably ultrahigh pressure mineral phases have yet been found in the country-rock gneisses encompassing the tectonic slab of UHPM rocks at Shuanghe. The prevailing metamorphic P-T conditions in these gneisses correspond to the amphibolite facies. Accordingly, tectonic juxtapositioning of UHPM rocks and country-rock gneisses at high crustal levels late in the tectonometamorphic cycle is favoured.


petrogenesisUHPM rocksP-T pathsShuangheDabieshan