Original paper

High energy ion beams: useful probes for mineral chemical analysis

Sueno, Shigeho

European Journal of Mineralogy Volume 7 Number 6 (1995), p. 1273 - 1298

81 references

published: Dec 27, 1995
manuscript accepted: Jul 5, 1995
manuscript received: Dec 3, 1994

DOI: 10.1127/ejm/7/6/1273

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Abstract The bombardment of a MeV-range high-energy ion beam on a target material induces many types of particles and radiation. The detection of these emissions makes possible a wide variety of analytical methods suitable for chemical analysis of minerals. These ion beam analyses, e.g. PIXE, RBS, NRA, PIGE, PAA, have many advantages in comparison with electron beam probe analytical methods, such as EPMA, TEM and SEM. For example, ion beam analysis (IBA) has unique capabilities for trace element analysis, light element analysis, depth profile analysis, external beam analysis, channeling analysis, ion beam induced luminescence, subsurface fluid inclusion analysis and accelerator mass spectroscopy. The basis of each analytical technique and recent progress on mineralogical applications are reviewed


Proton microprobeNuclear microprobetrace elementdepth profilefluid and melt inclusion